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Cross border funding for your international business

Hire Purchase financing to assisting in leasing asset to B2B – Government / GLC

Vendor Financing to assist buyer to pay supplier



Since the factoring solutions has always been a pillar of the SMEs segment, as we strives to achieve continuing growth and profitability in a utmost reliable and caring approach, you are always welcome to contact us for any enquiries.

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We have comprehension products to support different stage of your growth

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We are a leading Financial
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We are flexible in customising our financial solutions to meet our clients’ business objectives.

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We are your strong financing
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Our staff are ex-banker, government & GLC officer from MBB, CIMB CGC, OCBC, TERAJU etc.

We have a team of Commited, Efficient, Professional and Experiences personnel that understand the working of SMEs and SMEs needs.

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We are supported by highly
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Invoice Factoring Malaysia

Invoice financing is a way of borrowing funds against unpaid invoice customers. Invoice financing is the quickest way to have cash in the bank. It is an attractive option for many business owners for a very short period, mostly one to four-month. It relies on a strong foundation, and supporting evidence is supplied; invoice financing may be considered less risky than other kinds of borrowing.

Another element contributing to invoice financing’s success in Malaysia is that it is reasonably easy to obtain. Larger government suppliers and multinational businesses have traditionally acquired this sort of financing through factoring companies and banks, which may purchase a creditworthy supplier’s entire accounts receivable. Invoice financing also gives opportunity to SMEs to improve their cash flows with this easy option. 

Types of Invoice Finance:

Invoice Finance  is frequently divided into the following classes:

  • Invoice Discounting
  • Invoice Factoring
  • Invoice Financing

In Malaysia, most SMEs are aware of invoice financing, which they frequently confuse with invoice factoring. Then there’s Invoice Discounting, the family’s third member.

Invoice Financing: the lending institutions offer you a facility of invoice financing, which you can use as financial proof to pay lender back on the settlement of defined customer account. In addition to this, you can manage your cash flow by paying the financier back with agreed upon interest and fees and then it will also help you avail up to 80% of invoice upfront from the moneylender.

Invoice factoring: this type of invoice is somewhat comparable to invoice financing option in which your lender will pay you up to 80 percent of the invoice amount in advance. The primary distinction between invoice factoring and invoice financing is the authority that will collect the outstanding invoices from the customer. Invoice financing gives the consumer complete control over the collection process. The Invoice Factoring Malaysia buys the outstanding invoices and takes over the collections.

Invoice factoring companies’ buy you’re unpaid invoices and collect them from your customers. The lender will pay you a portion of the entire outstanding invoice amount in advance when you use invoice factoring.

We are excellent!

Planworth is one of the most well-known and well-respected Invoice Factoring Malaysia firms in the industry. Because of our relatively large factoring portfolio and dedication to quick funding, we have plenty happy clients. The approval is relatively quick and simple  to support company that needs quick cash. With our dedicated Relationship Manager, the funding procedure is simple and flexible. Based on the creditworthiness of your paymaster, you’ll be able to get greater credit limits.

Planworth’s costs are completely transparent, so you’ll always know how much factoring will cost you.

We are also pleased to have an International Factoring partner to supports your import and export business. We urge you to take advantage of our top-rated International Factoring and accounts receivable finance.